alright because

  • got started on my anthropology of religion module 2day and the lecturer is probably the most charismatic person i’ve ever heard speak in person
  • conjured the testes to ask someone if they wanted to go on a date with me
  • one of my housemates’ dad came over and gave us a case of violently strong homemade wine

sad because

  • was (nicely!) turned down for aforementioned date
  • i’m actually having night terrors again (how millennial) 
  • stim comedown is lingering and won’t take a hint and scoot
  • i watched the walkman i had just bought from an oxfam get juggernauted over by a bin lorry 

Saturn floats. Our Country and Its Resources. 1917.
"Saturn, the lightest of the planets in proportion to its size, would float in water (if there were an ocean big enough to hold it!)"
best compliment you've received?

someone said i was like “a gentle spider” once and i teared up a bit